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  1. You will meet with a CareerPro consultant in a complimentary, one-on-one consultation, either in person or on the phone. During this session, we will define your career goals, establish your most powerful qualifications, and structure the strongest presentation based on your objectives.
  2. The CareerPro consultant will assemble the information and create a customized resume for your consideration.
  3. Next, you will review a draft of your resume and identify any adjustments or modifications.
  4. Your CareerPro consultant will also discuss with you any accompanying personal marketing materials that will be needed to project a complete, professional image.
  5. Your resume will be prepared promptly and readied for distribution.
  6. As needed, your CareerPro consultant will prepare resume updates to reflect your career achievements and goal changes. Lifetime updates are provided to current clients at reduced costs.



Resume package attachments
What accompanies your resume can
be as powerful as the resume itself.

  • A professionally written Letter of Introduction (cover letter) can speak directly to specific job requirements.
  • A complete List of References will substantiate your qualifications.
  • A well-constructed Salary History will fulfill necessary job application requirements.
  • A timely Follow-Up Letter can demonstrate your understanding of the business and reinforce your interest and enthusiasm for the position.
  • Matching letterhead stationary enables you to initiate other correspondence as necessary and to project a professional, consistent image.
  • Premium, executive packages project the ultimate in professionalism and enable you to effectively differentiate yourself from other job applicants.
  • Electronic resume distribution network immediately makes your resume electronically available to human resource managers, headhunters and recruiters, or to over 100 Internet job boards, quickly and easily.


Email us at: writers@resumesbycareerpro.com

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